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Bring Hessen home

We are your supplier for traditional pottery “Made in Germany”, apple wine and regional specialities. From it’s beginnings in 1989 as a garage shop, Bembeltown has developed its portfolio of handcrafted pottery, regional products and specialities from local farmers and distillers. We are also a proud partner of “Wetterauer Landgenuss”, the premium label for regional products from the Wetterau.
Today Bembeltown is located in Frankfurt and Friedberg. We customize our handmade pottery for your company or events. Besides pottery, we have a large selection of apple wine and regional specialities. We create your individual gifts from Frankfurt.

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

You don’t have your dirndl or lederhosen yet? Bembeltown also has a wide selection of Oktoberfest dirndls and lederhosen to rent or to buy. Stop by and find your original Oktoberfest outfit.

Events and Workshops

Looking for a fun, creative event for small or large groups? Join one of our “Paint your Bembel” workshops. These workshops give you an opportunity to create your own bembel painting with the option to include apple wine tastings at the same time. We also serve “Haddekuche” (Frankfurt ginger bread) and pretzels. Our workshops and tastings take place either in a traditional cider cellar in Friedberg, in our showroom in Frankfurt or we bring the event to you!


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Partner Portrait

Taunus Wunderland

Taunus Wunderland was established in 1966 as a ‚Fairytale Park‘. However, ever since it was taken over by the Barth family in 1998, this special family park has continued to thrive and grow constantly.

German culture, customs and clarity

Getting by in a new culture centers on absorbing the new, local practices inside and outside the office. When you have a handle on them, your new life in Germany will be that extra bit more enjoyable.

Good Etiquette

You are well advised to familiarize yourself with some of the basic customs and etiquette in Germany.

Good day!

A large portion of the German rules of etiquette are as good as universal. Some of it involves simple common sense.

You Can Say You to Me

Closely aligned to this formality is the obligation to use the “Sie” form of address with people you don‘t know that well.

Right Time, Right Place

As you have probably gathered, Germans tend to believe strongly in the concept of a right place and right time for everything.


The Pub Culture

Pub-hopping is a favorite activit y throughout German society, and can be a good way to meet new people or solidify relations already begun.

Not Rude, but Honest

One thing to prepare yourself for is the slap of candor: Germans can be rather blunt when they offer stern advice or criticism.

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