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Telecoms, Wi-Fi, TV, and utilities

In today’s digital age, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get connected – to the Internet, to the folks back home, to new colleagues, to the news. So getting your telecoms right is key.

If you have been in Germany more than 24 hours, you’ve probably seen a pink letter “T” adorning the one or other LED screen or billboards. The “T” is for Telekom, as in Deutsche Telekom. The once state-owned monopolist is today one of the major corporations offering all the telecoms services you could ever wish for, from wireless communications to business solutions. The two other big telcos are Vodafone and Telefonica, and are less prominently visible – after all, together they hold less of a market share than does Deutsche Telekom. The latter is certainly the giant in the German market, and offers all-in services ranging from landlines and cell phones through to Internet connections.

That said, the German market for telecommunication is one of the most open and deregulated in Europe … meaning that there is a dizzying array of choices. Once you get acquainted with the system, you will find it reliable and easy to use. But with so many choices, it is easy to get confused by all the shrill marketing claims.

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We are building on us

The Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (The Polytechnic Foundation of Frankfurt am Main) has been actively involved in education, culture, civic engagement, science, technology, craft trades, social issues and democracy since 2005.

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Taunus Connect – the region’s synergistic network

With Taunus Connect, Taunusstein’s StaTa GmbH has developed an online platform in cooperation with the start-up Zircl GmbH for networking and strengthening municipalities, cities, businesses and employees in the Rheingau/Taunus region, with the aim of jointly maximizing effectiveness.

Choosing a Provider

You’ve found your new home, and now it’s time to get connected (along with a few other tasks). To have a land line phone installed in Germany there are two basic options.

Mobile Phoning

One of the best ways to begin getting an overview is to go to a telecommunications shop that offers more than one service provider.

Postal System and Electricity

The market for postal services in Germany has been deregulated, meaning that private companies are allowed to deliver both letters and packages


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